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Proceeds from Steve’s speaking engagements and donor contributions help support future endeavors, research and development as well as the 50 Schools ~ 50 States Campaign.  Please note, while Blind Endeavors is “not-for-profit”, it is not yet a non-profit 501(c)(3), so contributions are not yet tax-deductible.  We’ll have more to come on this.  If you would like to make a contribution to Blind Endeavors Mission, please fill out the form below or feel free to contact us directly at


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Technology is changing at an unprecedented rate. From cell phones that are accessible right out of the box to a prosthetic hand that can “feel” an object the person is touching, creations such as these are allowing people with physical and mental challenges to live a better life. There is still room for improvement however and in order to understand what people with challenges need, those with the technological knowledge need to be introduced to those that live with challenges and to understand the limitations that are endured.

That is the purpose of the 50 Schools / 50 States campaign…to share with students the experiences that those with mental and physical challenges face every day. The aim is to reach at least one university in each state to increase general awareness about the accessible technology, medical advancements and adaptive recreation that exist in our world today for people with physical and mental challenges.

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The idea is to help support organizations that plan endeavors for those that are physically or mentally challenged.  We are still in the planning process of what events Blind Endeavors will support.   However, there are a few events that Steve himself is going to be a part of this year.  You can support the organizations directly by clicking on their links below which will open up in a new window…

Endeavors planned for 2014:


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